A stunt seen on a popular television show is being blamed for the death of a Marysville teen.

Police said a group of teens gathered at a park at Greeley Street and Rideout Way over the weekend to re-enact a stunt they had seen on the MTV program "Jackass."

The teens attached a rope to a merry-go-round and tied the other end to a pickup truck. When the truck went forward, the ride would spin.

Bobbi MacKinnon, 16, was killed when she was thrown 75 feet from the ride and landed in the street.

The show does warn viewers not to attempt any of the stunts, but MacKinnon's friends and family say it's not enough.

"The audience it was aimed at doesn't pay attention," MacKinnon's grandmother, Pat Fleck, said.

"I see the little thing on the TV show ...'Don't try this at home.' Yeah right ... I mean if they can do it, we can do it," friend Andrew Royster said.

Nationally, several teens have been killed or seriously injured in recent years after performing stunts they said they had seen on "Jackass."