A tragic shooting in Winchester, Virginia, has claimed the life of a woman, her 2-year-old son, her father and nephew. According to The Winchester Star, the victims were shot sometime Thursday afternoon, but remained undiscovered until around 8 p.m. yesterday. The dead have been identified as Samuel William Orndorff, 60; his daughter, Amanda Dawn Orndorff, 19; Amanda's 23-month-old son, Christopher; and Amanda's nephew, Travis Putman, 17.

County deputies and Winchester police arrested Jephson, after they tracked him to a secluded area, some 10-miles from the scene of the crime. He was armed with a handgun, however he surrendered to authorities without incident. In an interview with WJLA-TV, Sheriff's Capt. John Heflin said Jephson was being charged with capital murder and first-degree murder in the slayings of Amanda and Samuel Orndorff. He faces an additional two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of the other two victims.

Little is known about Jessi at this time. He does have a profile on MySpace.com, however it is not very revealing. He mentions he is in a relationship, says he enjoys, "chillin with my boy Putman," and he writes a short blurb about his desire to meet, "the president of the united f—king states." Otherwise the profile is pretty empty. About the only thing of interest is his "friends list," which has Travis Putman listed as one of his top friends.