Hundreds of students and teachers returned to Lincoln Middle School to some bad news on Monday.

14-year-old Braden Aboud, a student at Lincoln, died in a skiing accident on Sunday.

His cousin and one of his best friends, Colton Shinaut, was the last person to talk to Aboud.

"I planned on growing up with him and it's really hard," said Shinaut.

Aboud's parents said he died doing one of the many sports he loved, skiing. According to family he was on a run on Sunday in Apache Bowl when he fell, then tried to get up.

"He just said he couldn't think straight," said Shinaut. "He was leaving things everywhere. It was just hard. He got up and skied about 40 yards and just fell over."

Aboud died on his way to Thomason Hospital.

Aboud's principal and teachers said as an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle, he not only was he friends with the 8th grade class, he managed to touch almost everyone at his school.

"Sixth grade also had a connection to him because he was a terrific kids on campus," principal Sandy Whitney told KFOX.

"He made everyone feel comfortable," head football coach Saul Martinez told us. "He stood up for the little guys that people would pick on. The kids really loved him."

As a form of therapy, students were encouraged to signing a board to express themselves. Counselors were on hand to talk to students and the principal held an assembly to tell students it was a time to focus on all the good memories of Aboud.

"Braden was such a great kid. I learned a lot from him. He taught me so many lessons. I looked up to him in so many ways," said one of his best friends, Elliot Rowein.