"My daughter whom many loved due to your outgoing, fun and loving personality, she loved life, her friends, and her family, she would always pick you up when you were down, she was always there to comfort you and make you laugh, she was a true angel, and has been dearly missed by everyone. Ashley lost her life after leaving a New Year's eve party 01/01/06, 1 mile away from home at 1:20 A.M drove off the road through a chain link fence down in to a water filled canal, she never once braked, says a witness, she was recovered in the car at 6:30 A.M Cause of death: Drowning she had an alchol level of 0.16 (double the legal level) Ashley had over 400 of her closest friends at the funerial and everyone one of those people had a story how Ashley had changed their life and remembered the very day they had met. We will never forget her, we will never stop missing her, she was truely one of a kind, and God is very lucky to have her now."