The teenage daughter of a woman whose body was found in Newport Harbor was arrested Friday in connection with her mother's stabbing death, along with her boyfriend, on a Louisiana highway, police said.

The 17-year-old daughter, Rachel Mullenix, was taken into custody by state troopers in Lafayette, La., along with Ian Allen, 21, said Huntington Beach police Capt. Dan Johnson.

Huntington Beach detectives planned to leave tonight for Lafayette, some 1,800 miles from Orange County, he said.

The body of Barbara Anne Mullenix, 56, was found wrapped in a blanket in Newport Harbor, adjacent to the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, on Wednesday.

Police had said they were seeking Mullenix's daughter for questioning. Late Friday, Johnson said police went to a judge and got a warrant for the arrest of the pair based on "probable cause."

He declined to elaborate, but said the warrant "was based on physical evidence at the crime scene."

Police collected several knives at the condominium Mullenix shared with her ex-husband and their daughter, and they are being processed with other evidence, Johnson said.

Police said they had been called to the condominium before in connection with arguments between mother and daughter.

The teen and her boyfriend apparently were en route to Tampa, Fla., where they had friends, when they were arrested, Johnson said. They were traveling in Allen's pick-up truck, he said.

Johnson said earlier that police had questioned Mullenix's ex-husband and ruled him out as a suspect.

"He was out of the area in Northern California the last couple of nights," Johnson said.

There was no sign of forced entry into the home, he said.

Johnson declined to comment on a report of a neighbor hearing and seeing suspicious activity in the early morning hours on the day the woman's body was found. He said only that police interviewed the neighbor, Bill Stopher.

Stopher told Michele Gile that he "heard some noise about 3 o'clock in the morning like a box is (being) dragged. And then I looked out and saw the car take off, and I don't know much more.

"I didn't see exactly the person, but looks like they put something in the back of (Mullenix's) Volvo station wagon," Stopher said.

Several hours after that, he told Gile, "the daughter's boyfriend comes back. He's leaving and he had trash bags in the back of his truck."

Stopher said neither the daughter nor her boyfriend had been seen at the condominium for the past two days.

The Volvo was recovered by Newport Beach police in Corona del Mar, while the woman's second vehicle was parked at the condo complex.

Johnson said police have impounded both cars, and declined to say if blood or other evidence was found in the Volvo.

There is no doubt where the crime took place, he said. Once police entered the condominium yesterday afternoon, "it became immediately apparent to us that this is where the crime occurred."

Crime scene investigators were expected to remain at the condominium into the weekend to process evidence.

"Some of (the evidence is) difficult to process," Johnson said. "The traditional method of gathering fingerprints won't work, so they're using a process ... where they put a gas in one of the rooms. They lock that room up for about 24 hours. And that develops the prints in hard-to-find places, and then they develop those prints."

Police I.D. Victim By Using Her Breast Implants

Police earlier declined to say how they identified the body.

However, Michele Gile reports that investigators traced the serial number on the victim's breast implants.

Bloody bedding was recovered from a trash bin owned by the yacht club in a public alley that ends at the water. The trash bin is not in a secured area.