They were young and they were in love. 20-year-old Jillian Boda and 21-year-old Evan Parkison were killed Tuesday night after a fiery crash on the 202. The two were college students. Boda was attending ASU. Parkison was a student at Collins College.

The couple died while they were on the side of the highway near the Scottsdale exit changing a tire. DPS officers say 25-year-old Nicholas Fina was driving his Honda erratically and slammed into the couple. Their car caught fire. Both Boda and Parkison were pronounced dead at the scene.

Fina is facing vehicular manslaughter charges. Officers on scene say they smelled alcohol on his breath. They arrested him, not far from accident. Witnesses tried to help him out of his car, but they say he ran off when he saw the police. He was arrested a short time later.

Friends and family left messages on a web page, mourning both victims. Boda was studying nursing at ASU and always encouraged others to "not hold feelings in" and to "express your love."