From a blog: Taylor wasn't involved in any kind of accident, she purposely took her own life. This beautiful girl had been 'outted' as bisexual and was being severely tormented by people at school.

If that wasn't bad enough, she informed her mom of her choices and her mom kicked her out.

She then went to her dad, told him, and he in turn kicked her out as well. She found solace at a friend's house whose parents allowed her to stay with them.

School continued to get worse, she signed herself out of one of her classes, went to get a gun, texted a friend to meet her at their usual meeting place and then killed herself.

She was days away from turning 15. Now, all these 'friends' are coming out and saying they wish they could have done more to help her, etc. etc. and it just makes me sick.

On her blog site her headline says "You have to know when to give up." Why, at 15 years old, should giving up even be a part of her vocabulary? It just makes me completely sick that she was in such dire need for help, and after the fact everyone is writing how much they love her and all, well where the hell were they when all the tormenting was going on? Were they part of the tormenting? It's important that kids know no matter what choices they make in life, so long as they aren't hurting someone else, we love them. NO MATTER WHAT.

I can only imagine how Taylor's parents must be feeling right now. I wish them peace, and I hope they will one day be able to overcome their guilt AND learn to be more accepting of people, especially their own children.