Two men died in an East Anchorage murder-suicide Wednesday morning, according to the Anchorage Police Department.

Lew Saeteurn, 25, shot and killed Shawn Reid, 34, before killing himself around 2:30 a.m., police said.

Reid was a friend of Saeteurn's estranged wife, whom police declined to name.

The Saeteurns, who have two young children, were in the process of a divorce, according to Detective Slav Markiewicz. The couple decided Tuesday that Lew Saeteurn would leave the family home on Campbell Airstrip Road for a week.

Reid, a friend from work, stayed overnight with the wife because she had safety concerns, Markiewicz said. They spent the evening watching movies.

Early Wednesday Lew Saeteurn returned to the ranch home with a shotgun that he had taken with him when he left Tuesday.

"He came back and he immediately shot the friend. He shot him many times," Markiewicz said. "She was there when it all happened."

After shooting Reid, Saeteurn turned the gun on himself, but his first shot didn't kill him, police said.

The wife called police. While on the phone with dispatchers, she gathered her children, ages 5 and 7, on the opposite side of the house and fled outside. There, she heard one more shot -- Saeteurn killing himself, Markiewicz said.

The couple had no history of domestic violence complaints with the court system, but police were called to the home over the weekend because of a disturbance, he said. No charges were filed at the time.

Saeteurn and Reid had met previously without incident, Markiewicz said.

According to public records, the house is co-owned by Lew Saeteurn and a woman, Aaron Saeteurn.