A Houston-area woman is spreading the word about a dangerous game -- one that took her daughter's life, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

Haley Kinney, 14, looked like the all-American girl. The eighth-grader was on the cross-country running team and known as a loving child.

Tragedy struck a week after she came home from the beach with her mother, baby sister and twin brother, Kirby.

On July 21, Kim Blanchard found Haley hanging by a scarf behind her bedroom door.

"She was hanging from the door, but like in a kneeling position on her bean bag and I even yelled at her, 'Quit joking around. You know this is not funny.' I was like, 'How can something be wrong when you are on your knees when you can stand up?'" Blanchard said.

Blanchard then heard about the choking game.

Participants achieve a euphoric state by cutting off oxygen to the brain.

"The kids know it. It is the parents that don't know that this is going on. But the kids don't realize that it is not a silly little game they are going to wake up from," Blanchard said.

The family has started a foundation in Haley's name to raise awareness about the choking game.

"Does it take somebody in your area to die? Do you want to feel the way I do -- that I am never going to see or smell Haley again?" Blanchard said.