Bond is set at $3 million for the suspect in a double murder on the shoreline.

Tonight we are learning more about 18-year-old Ian Cooke.

The hearts of this blended family have been torn apart.

Casey Geising, sister of victim, says,"He cared about his family more than anything and his brother Greg the same."

25-year-old Gregory Geising who was confined to a wheelchair had just gotten married to his wife Laurel last September. He and the other victim, Derek Von Winkle, were stepbrothers.

Brian Geising, father of victim, says,"They had matching personalities. They had the same sense of humor."

They also shared this home in Groton and on Saturday. They were here when they were shot to death.

Chris Cloutier, victim's friend, says,"Derek Von Winkle is the best kid I ever knew. Everyone's a better person for knowing him. I mean that."

Police say 18-year-old Ian Cooke pulled the trigger. In court his bond was raised to $3 million and he was put on a medical and suicide watch. He was already on probation for trying to steal guns from his father's Salem home two years ago and bomb making.

Gilbert Shasha, Cooke's attorney, says,"Based on what little I know they should be attentive to his psychiatric state of mind."

Linda Geising stood up in court when Cooke was brought in.

Geising says,"I wanted him to know who I was and what he's done to my family."

At this point there is no word on what may have went on inside this house Saturday which led up to the shooting the court records are sealed.

Friends and family of the victims say they do not know how the men knew each other all they know is what they lost.

Rae Geising, mother of victim, says,"Gregory was the boy that everybody went to for advice. He was so much wiser than his years."

Rain Whitebuffalo, a friend of the victims, got a tattoo in honor of Gregory Geising.

Whitebuffalo says,"He was everybody's smile and everybody misses him and remembers him and as a tribute I brought his name to life."

Cooke is due back in court June 13th.