In her final journal entry, Nicole Broussard included a list of goals she hoped to achieve in life.

"I want to leave something special," said Broussard, a freshman biology major. "I want to save a life. I want to change a life. And I want to make a difference."

Broussard, 18, died in a car accident Sunday on US 79 while returning to Texas A&M after spring break. She was driving near Milano when her car lost rear traction and slid over the yellow line, colliding with an oncoming SUV. The two occupants of the SUV walked away with minor injuries.

Broussard's friends and family said they will remember her as a person with a great sense of humor, an outgoing personality and a loving heart.

"She loved everyone with all her heart and was selfless," said Candace Vielma, Broussard's best friend since seventh grade. "And if she could do anything to make someone else happy, she'd have done it."

Broussard was an avid sports fan and hoped to someday be a coach, Vielma said.

"Nicole was a flag thrower," Vielma said. "She was the best referee for any sports game, but she was also the best referee for life. She knew every call they should make and she always fought for what is right. She always stood up for anything and everything that she believed in."

Friends said Broussard was dedicated to A&M and decided to come to the University because she felt at home here. She loved the Aggie spirit and traditions, and had been selected to be a fish camp leader at Camp Woolf, Broussard's father, Kelly Broussard, said. Broussard was buried in her Maroon Out T-shirt.

Nicole Broussard planned to attend medical school and become a doctor, after finishing her degree in biology, her father said. She hoped to cure cancer and Alzheimer's disease because remembering the good times in a person's life is important, according to an entry in Nicole Broussard's journal.

"I can't imagine living an entire life with people who you love and memories that you thought you would never forget," Nicole Broussard said.

Kelly Broussard said his daughter loved the arts and had many friends.

"She loved music, all sorts of music," Kelly Broussard said. "She was a very outgoing person; she loved making new friends. She was an avid reader and writer."

Nicole Broussard is survived by her parents, Kelly and Sandra Broussard, and her brother, Lee Broussard.

Nicole Broussard took a unique view of the world around her, said Amanda Knudsen, a senior finance major and Nicole Broussard's roommate. Her attitude and personality were admirable, she said.

"She saw the beauty in everything and led a life of example that all of us should only hope to be able to mimic," Knudsen said.