Jeremy R. Quinn was doing what he often did, helping someone in need. And it cost him his life.

"He was usually pretty nice to people," his father, Roger Quinn said. "He was allowing this guy to sleep on his couch."

At about 3 a.m. Thursday, Quinn, 25, 224 W. 12th St., allegedly was stabbed in the chest by a man he was allowing to stay at his apartment.

Quinn later died at Samaritan Hospital.

The suspect drove off with Quinn's older model pickup truck.

Quinn had been victimized before by people he tried to help, according to his father.

"In the past, he's helped people and they've stolen money from him," he said.

A neighbor called 911 at about 3 a.m. and reported hearing a commotion coming from Quinn's apartment.

"We heard one man talking and the other screaming and something bumping," the caller said.

Another neighbor called 911 and reported Quinn came into his apartment and needed an emergency squad. Quinn told the neighbor he had been stabbed in the chest.

He named the suspect when police arrived, giving the name Bill Schumaker.

However, City Police Detectives determined the suspect likely was using an alias.

West Twelfth Street was closed to traffic between Cottage Street and the City Street Department facility while the crime scene was processed by City Police detectives and an agent of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. It remained closed until 12:45 p.m.

Before daybreak, the City Fire Department provided lighting for the crime scene.

Detectives, who had been up since the early morning hours, spent all day questioning those who knew Quinn and the suspect.

They requested the public's help in finding the suspect and Quinn's truck.

The suspect was using the name William S. Schumaker or Shoemaker. He is also was known locally as "Wild Bill" or "Tattoo Bill."

He is a white male, approximately 45 to 55 years old, slender, with short dark hair and a growth of salt-and-pepper facial stubble.

The suspect is missing a lower tooth and has a noticeable underbite and a number of black tattoos on both arms.

He is known to frequent downtown bars and has been in town since about August. His prior history in the area, if any, is not known at this time.

He also is known to drink heavily and use drugs, police said.

The suspect is believed to be driving Quinn's dark blue 1986 Chevrolet pickup truck. The two-wheel drive truck might have oversize rear tires and a dent in the driver's side door. The license plate number is DEN 7255.

Anyone with information about the suspect or the vehicle is asked to call the City Police Department, 419-289-3639.


Scott B. Brentlinger entered a not guilty plea Wednesday in an initial appearance hearing at the County Jail.

Brentlinger, 48, is charged with murder in the Jan. 17 stabbing of Jeremy R. Quinn.

Brentlinger's court-appointed attorney, Andy Hyde, requested a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is sufficient cause to charge his client.

Common Pleas Judge Deborah E. Woodward scheduled the hearing for 3 p.m. Friday.

Woodward said she would determine later whether to conduct it at the County Jail. Wednesday's initial appearance hearing and Friday's bond setting hearing were conducted at the County Jail for security reasons.

Brentlinger allegedly stabbed Quinn in the chest inside Quinn's apartment at 224 W. 12th St. at about 3 a.m. Jan 17 and left the area in a pickup truck belonging to the victim.

On Jan. 22, after an extensive investigation and manhunt, Ashland Police detectives arrested Brentlinger at a soup kitchen on Cleveland's near west side.

The pickup truck was recovered at Fairview Hospital on the far west side of Cleveland, where Brentlinger reportedly told police he had gone for treatment of cuts on his hands.

Brentlinger remains in County Jail on $1 million bond.