The family of Army Cpl. Matthew Alexander, 21, of Gretna, said that they learned that he was killed this weekend in Iraq.

Alexander got married on Valentine's Day to his wife, Kara. He also is survived by his parents, Melvin and Monica Alexander, of Gretna; and brother, Marshall Alexander, of Omaha.

Alexander's family didn't have many details of the circumstances of his death.

The Gretna High School band played a tribute Monday night to the fallen soldier who graduated from the school just three years ago. Both Matthew and Kara Alexander were in the band.

The quote below his senior picture in the high school's yearbook said a lot about the kind of man Alexander was, school officials said on Tuesday. It reads: "Far be it more honorable to perish on one's feet, than to elude death in your enemies court."

"There's really three passions I remember Matt for," said Gretna High School Principal Kirk Eledge. "His passion for his family, he had a passion for his music and he had a real passion for the military."

At the concert, the Gretna High School band dedicated the song "Glory," a military march, to Alexander.

"One of the first things I asked him was, how did he enjoy the military? Was it everything he wanted it to be? And his answer was, 'It's more,'" said Gretna band director Mark Irvin.