A UC Irvine student was found dead in the trunk of his car early Sunday morning in Fontana with a gunshot to his head.

Jacob Okoli, 21, had been missing for two weeks.

Fontana police and the San Bernardino coroner's office said that evidence points to a suicide.

Okoli's Toyota compact was found just after midnight on Juniper Avenue just north of Valley Boulevard off the I-10.

A small handgun matching Okoli's wound was found in the trunk, said Sgt. Jeff Decker of the Fontana Police Department.

His uncle, Jimmy Okoli, said that Jacob didn't know anyone in Fontana and had no reason to be there.

"He's never been there in his life," Jimmy Okoli said.

Police didn't specify what evidence would indicate suicide, although Decker acknowledged that "it would be very rare to have a suicide in a trunk, but it's possible."

"The trunk was open, at least when we got there," said Sandy Fatland of the San Bernardino Coroner's Division; she declined to elaborate on suicide indications, as an autopsy hasn't been conducted yet.

Neighbors had noticed the car for several days, Decker said.

Okoli's body "was somewhat decomposed, but not terribly," Decker said.

Okoli was an English major and computer science minor who had transferred into the school last fall, his brother Anthony said.

Okoli wasn't enrolled as a full-time student and had been sent a letter asking him to leave campus housing, said UCI spokeswoman Cathy Lawhon.

Jacob's only brush with the law was a violation for driving without a license dismissed two weeks before his disappearance.