Three smiling happy young women, their faces cheek to cheek, is one of the first photos you see.

Since Erin Reed, 19, and Robyn Taylor, 20, both from Colborne, and Kandas Derry, 20, from Baltimore, Ont., died in a car crash on Friday night, several groups have popped up on Facebook to commemorate the young women.

OPP say the three women were travelling north when it''s believed their car pulled onto the shoulder and made a U-turn in front of a northbound tractor trailer four kilometres south of Warkworth.

The three women were pronounced dead at the scene.

The truck rolled onto its side into the ditch, but the driver wasn''t injured, police said.

Police said Ms. Reed, the driver, was the only one wearing a seatbelt.

Northumberland County OPP Const. Kaitlyn Hill said the truck driver reported seeing the car make a U-turn and pulled into the middle of the road to avoid coming too close to the car.

That''s when they collided, police said. Hill said weather was not a factor and road conditions were good. Police are still investigating whether the driver was distracted by another passenger.

Friends said the girls were turning around after missing a turn to a boyfriend''s house. At the time they were on the phone with a boyfriend getting directions, sources said.

Two days before the crash, Ms. Derry posted a message to Ms. Taylor on her Facebook page about their Friday night plans:

"Not going to do the whole lets (sic) get killed thing haha but fri you are coming adn (sic) we are getting loaded."

This is not the first tragedy to hit Ms. Taylor''s family.

Her brother Eric was killed 11 years ago by a Via Rail train while on his bike.

Ms. Taylor updated her Facebook status to "Robyn RIP Eric <<3" on Wednesday, the anniversary of his death.

"i''m going to miss you so much baby girl i just know ur (sic) chillin (sic) with eric in the clouds i love you." (sic) friend Tj Coyle wrote on Ms. Taylor''s Facebook page yesterday.

Memories and condolences were posted all over Facebook on the weekend.

One friend, Katherine Deanne Greer, dedicated a song - "In memory of the girls... love this song," she wrote.

"Shine your light down on me; Lift me up so i can see; Shine your light when you''re gone; Give me the strength to carry on; To carry on."

Another friend Melissa Sherwin wrote "Kandas and I would always hang out together and just talk and laugh . . . she was an amazing girl and will never be forgotten!!!

"Love you and miss you Kandas!!"

Ms. Reed''s friend Timotheus Anton Gmeiner wrote how she once helped him through a tough time by inviting him to a party. "i never told her how much it meant to me . . . it was one of those things that changed my perspective on life."

"Robyn is a soldier," wrote Taylor-Leigh Sample.

"She has dealt and grown from losing her baby brother, who she always spoke of and loved very deeply . . . Throughout and after highschool (sic) Robyn has dealt with some uneasy and rocky relationships to which she found the courage and strength within herself to overcome. Let the truth be known, she is a lover - not a fighter."

Family friend Brenda Barrett said the families are holding up the best they can.

"Erin will be sadly missed by her family and friends," Ms. Reed''s aunt Janice Holt said, reading a written statement from the family. "She was a loving and generous person."

Ms. Reed was enrolled at Humber College and planned on becoming a child and youth worker.

The other two young women were working and lived with their families, friends said.

Barrett said a visitation for all three women will be held tomorrow night at Colborne''s Keeler Centre.

Funerals are expected to be held Thursday.

Ms. Derry''s funeral will be in Cobourg that morning. Ms. Taylor and Ms. Reed, friends since elementary school, will have a joint funeral in Colborne in the afternoon.

There is a growing shrine of flowers at the scene of the crash just 20 km north of Colborne. An autopsy is expected to be conducted on the driver.

"Our hearts go out to the family and friends of these young women who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy," said OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino in a statement.