14 year old Joseph Ciancio of West Seneca was a well liked teen and a star hockey player, according to family member Joseph R. Ciancio. "i saw him a week ago he told me he had 2 or 3 awards. I said soon you'll be playing for the Sabres. He said I'm working on it." A tragic accident put an end to Ciancio's big dreams. "It appears two cars with two young boys in each were racing down the Town Line Road. They came across the curve, miscalculated it, and went across the lawn here and hit a tree." According to Bob Eleczko, Millgrove Fire Chief.

Ciancio was a passenger in a car driven by 18 year old Donald Reinard of Akron. They were drIving home from the Harry Potter book release around 3:30 Saturday morning. Ciancio's cousin, 18 year old David Walter and his friend were following in a separate car. "Statements so far say they were driving together, driving aggressively with each other. Passing each other as they were driving down the road." According to Lt Ron Rozler of Lancaster Police Department.

Reinard lost control of the Honda Civic. It became airborne before hitting a tree and landing upside down and severely twisted. Ciancio was pronounced dead at the scene. 40 minutes later, Reinard was freed and Mercyflighted to ECMC's intensive care unit according to Lt. Rozler. "We can't say now drag racing, but we're looking at the possibility. Excessive speed was a contributing factor to the accident."

Shocked by the accident, Walter and his 20 year old passenger also veered off the road. They were uninjured. "It's terribly tragic especially with everything in the news with young drivers." says Lt. Rozler. "They have to realize little decisions could impact the rest of their lives."