The deputy who fatally shot a Pleasant Garden man Monday opened fire when the man came at him with a machete, according to a tape of emergency radio communications from the killing, the News &Record of Greensboro reported.

The State Bureau of Investigation identified Vic Maynard as the Guilford County deputy who shot 25-year-old Dylan William Hartsfeld while responding to a 911 call at Hartsfeld's home at 307 E. Steeplechase Road at 3:17 p.m. Monday. Hartsfeld was taken by ambulance to Moses Cone Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Maynard, 44, a 23-year veteran of the sheriff's office, is on administrative leave, which is standard in an officer-involved shooting.

According to an official tape of the 911 call, William Hartsfeld requested an ambulance after his son, Dylan, fell down a flight of stairs into their basement, possibly injuring his shoulder, which recently had surgery.

On the 911 tape, an EMS dispatcher can be heard asking William Hartsfeld questions about the fall, while a male voice in the background yells: "I don't need them. I'm not leaving." The father and son can be heard arguing about whether Dylan would receive treatment.
Deputies were asked to respond to the home because of a history of alcohol or narcotics violations and known weapons at the home, according to a tape of emergency radio communications.

Fire officials can be heard saying the father met them in the driveway and the son had run into the woods with what was believed to be a hockey stick. "Subject fell and then took off when he found out EMS had been called," a dispatcher says.

About five seconds after deputies indicate they have arrived at the home, it was reported that shots had been fired.

"Shots fired. Man down ... will request further assistance, also a supervisor," Maynard can be heard to say on the tape. "Be advised ... suspect down. Shots fired ... charged this officer and EMS with a machete."
Kimberly Hartsfeld said Tuesday night that the deputy shot her son three times in the chest at close range.

A second deputy, who has not been identified publicly, is being treated as a witness, according to the SBI, which is investigating the slaying.

The SBI has not said whether Dylan Hartsfeld was armed.

On Tuesday, friends said Dylan Hartsfeld was an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffered from mental problems associated with his time in combat. They said reports of the shooting were uncharacteristic of his behavior.

"It didn't make sense to me," said Ashley Strachan, a close friend of Hartsfeld's since high school. "He wasn't a horrible person. I think there is a lot of untruth being told," Strachan said. "It's not in his character for things to happen the way people are saying it happened."

Another friend, Rachel Clark, said Hartsfeld "did the best he could with what he was given."

"I believe he may have been upset when deputies arrived, but Dylan was not the type to use weapons. He fought with his hands," Clark said.

On Tuesday, a sheriff's office review of Dylan Hartsfeld's criminal record showed convictions on charges of larceny and driving with a revoked license.

His record also showed two assault charges in Tennessee that had not gone to court yet.
That review did not confirm other charges cited Monday by Sheriff BJ Barnes, including drug possession, assault on a female and time in the Guilford jail in September.