Last night caught wind that a tragedy occurred on an internet message board. A member of the popular site committing suicide - and he did it ON CAMERA!!

It all started when the 19 year old told posters that he was considering suicide. Immediately, other board members began taunting him - challenging him to go through with his suicide threat.

Finally, after hours of harassment, the man reportedly set up a web camera and did it.

The webcam stream reportedly showed the 19 year old swallowing pills and eventually lying down on his bad. A few hours later, the young man stopped breathing.

The next morning, after moderators on the board tracked down the man's info, the web stream showed an officer kicking in the door and finding the youngsters body.

Here are some excerpts from that board:

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A (former) member of the Misc who OD'd on web cam (JTV) and made a thread inviting members to come watch. The thread was basically 40+ pages of people saying "Do it ***got" and people sat in the JTV for 7 hours watching him lying there not breathing before they thought about doing something.

Oh and it is all somehow Roxie's fault because various trolls say so.

Thats it in a nutshell.

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he basically killed himself on jtv

there's a video where he's just lying there for hours..and the police come break his door down and check his pulse and confirm he's dead

no investigation needed...its all on video