We're learning more about a woman who police say killed another woman with her car while driving drunk and left the scene.

It's not the first time this woman has been busted for OWI.

Tuesday, we learned a lot more about the history of Jessica McKay. She has a destructive past of drunk driving, underage drinking and now she's charged with killing someone while once again driving drunk.

Twenty-five year old Melissa Ahrens had a bright future. That future ended when prosecutors say 21-year-old McKay got behind the wheel drunk, blew through a red light at 1st and National, hit Ahrens and left the scene.

Monday, TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke with Ahrens' parents.

"It's just such a waste. It's just such a waste," Melissa's mother, Pam Gamboa said.

According to the criminal complaint McKay was at Potawatomi Casino before the hit and run. The complaint says a security guard escorted her out because she was drunk. Her boyfriend found her there and tried to convince her not to drive. She fought him and sped off.

"They need to stop people from getting out of their bars and getting in their cars drunk and killing somebody like our daughter," Melissa's father, Paul Ahrens said.

McKay's boyfriend told TODAY'S TMJ4's Melanie Stout off-mera he was driving behind McKay, saw the hit and run and gave Melissa CPR, but it was too late.

Police arrested McKay moments later and found Melissa's purse dangling from the headlights.

Mckay's criminal history turned deadly. Her first drunk driving arrest was in Waukesha County in April of 2007. She was convicted in May and the very next day she was arrested again in Dodge County for once again driving drunk.

Now, in Milwaukee County, she's charged with killing an innocent young woman because she got behind the wheel intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .21, almost three times over the legal limit.

Melissa's parents hope their tragic loss will create change in drunk driving laws.

"She was everything to me, and she had a lot of living to do, and it was cut short by somebody who had two other offenses at this and didn't deserve to be behind the wheel of the car again," Gamboa said.

McKay could be looking at more than 40 years behind bars if she's convicted. She remains behind bars and will be in court Wednesday.