The English teacher who was found dead inside Pulaski County High School over the holiday break died of natural causes, a coroner said.

Scott McAninch, 32, was found in a northeast hallway of the school after Somerset police were called there Friday evening.

The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism, or an artery blockage caused by a blood clot, said County Coroner Richard New.

The autopsy, performed Saturday morning in Frankfort, also determined he had an abnormal heart condition that could have contributed to his death, New said.

McAninch, a baseball coach, was probably just making a quick visit to his office when he died shortly after entering the building. He left his home around 9:30 Friday morning, New said.

Family members were trying to reach McAninch throughout the day and his car was found parked next to the high school late in the afternoon. The school was closed on Friday for Thanksgiving break.

McAninch taught at the school for the past eight years, the school's Web site said.

New said McAninch was well-liked at the school and his death was "a big loss for the community."