Remains Of Missing Vegas Prostitute Found In Calif. Desert

Jodi Brewer was only 19 years old at the time of her brutal death. Cops found her dismembered body lying on the side of a road in San Bernardino, Calif. in August 2003.

View Larger Jodi Brewer grew up in a loving home, but as time went on and she became her own person, Jodi did what she felt was right for herself, whether or not her family consented with her decision.

According to reports, by the time Jodi was 17, she became caught up in the world of prostitution, where money came fast and easy.

But her quick financial gains did not come without one horrific consequence.

Jodi's mother reported her missing on August 14, 2003, after Jodi failed to return home one evening. She was just 19 years old and still had purple braces on her teeth.

Less than three weeks later, cops found a dismembered female body off a deserted stretch of road in San Bernardino, Calif.

While the family held their collective breath, hoping and praying it wasn't their beloved Jodi's, investigators ultimately proved their greatest fears to be true.

What was left of Jodi's body provided enough clues for her family to identify the remains -- she had a hummingbird tattoo above her left breast, and a distinct letter 'M' tattooed on her lower back.

But the piece of information that intrigued cops the most about Jodi was the fact that she had been working as a prostitute on the Las Vegas Strip.

Are all of these similarities mere coincidence, or is there someone out there viciously taking the lives of Las Vegas-area prostitutes?

Eerie Similarities Or The Work Of A Serial Killer?

Cops are beginning to wonder if Jodi Brewer is the victim of a psychotic serial killer targeting Las Vegas prostitutes.

Between March 2003 and April 2006, four known Vegas prostitutes -- Misty Marie Saens, Jodi Marie Brewer, Lindsay Marie Harris and Jessica Edith Louise Foster -- disappeared under similarly suspicious circumstances.

All were white, skinny and pretty, with strawberry blond hair and ranging in age from 19-26. Each girl stood between 5'4" and 5'6", and all of their boyfriends/pimps were black males. Three of the girls' middle names were "Marie."

Three of the women were dismembered and their remains had been dumped just off of remote stretches of highway. Two of them were found near industrial areas, and the body of the fourth woman, Jessie Foster, has never even been found.

Are all of these similarities mere coincidence, or is there someone out there viciously taking the lives of Las Vegas-area prostitutes?

Cops are actively pouring over the evidence and are steadfastly determined to find the culprit or culprits responsible for these heinous crimes, though leads are few and far between.

Whatever the case may be, Jodi's mother, Pamela, is heartbroken by the loss of her daughter. All she had left to remember Jodi by was her ashes, which she kept in a beautiful, silver urn, called "Going Home." The urn depicts a number of doves gracefully flying home.

But sadly, in August 2006, vandals stole the urn, along with a number of Pamela's other possessions, from the Boulder Manor Hotel on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Now, all Pamela has to remind herself of the good times they shared are the vivid memories of Jodi's youth.

If you know anything about the brutal, cold-blooded murders of Jodi Brewer, Misty Saens or Lindsay Harris, as well as the disappearance of Jessie Foster, you've got to call our hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV.