From a message board -

The last words you ever said to me was your adress, because you told me to come over whenever i wanted, right after i told you i was depressed. Something told me to write it down, but i didnt. It's a desicion that i now regret. I regret never visiting you all the times you told me to since you lived right by me. It hurts even more when i remeber all the times we would chill by your house and all the times youd come over my house and act a fool, lol! We all said you were going to die young, because of the life you chose to live, but we didnt think it would be this abrupt. No one knows what was going through your head when you were taking those pills, and i wish there was something we couldve done, or something we couldve known to help you out. I know you were living alone with no phones or computer, and it mustve been tough, and i know that when youre all alone like that, you think about all the bad things and it can torment you, and thats what i think drove you to insanity, to take a lethal amount of what you were taking. If you were in pain or upset, i am sorry. Im so sorry you were alone, left there to die for a few days till someone found you. thats what kills me the most--that you were left there to die like some kind of piece of meat and that when you were found, you were beyond recognition. NO ONE deserves a death like that and i wouldn't have wanted this for you, but God chose your destiny and this is how it ended sweetheart, and no matter what we say, all the WHAT IFS we can think of can NEVER bring you back to us. I want you to know that i miss you, and i feel terrible about what happened to you at such a young age, and i hope that you are in a beautiful place, where no one can ever hurt you. Someday we'll meet again baby boy..someday. Life was hard, now its time to rest easy baby. I love you.