Police arrest a third suspect in connection with the murder of 15-year old Sidnee Stephens.

The most recent arrest in the case involves a 15 year old.
Because he's a juvenile, his name is not being released.

He joined 18 year old Carl Dane and 17 year old James Glazier in court for arraignment Friday. Each suspect faces two counts of first degree murder.

Investigators have now also revealed how Sidnee Stephens was murdered.
They say the Pinckneyville teenager was shot and strangled and then dumped into a nearby creek.

The lives of four teenagers are forever changed.
One life is gone, "But the other three their lives will never be the same in one fashion or another, they're done," says Sheriff Keith Kellerman.

All four teenagers involved went to school together in Pinckneyville.
Police say the juvenile arrested didn't even have a chance to walk the halls of high school, just graduating 8th grade.

"Sidnee she was a good person you know, she just got caught up in the wrong crowd," says 15 year old Haley Jordan.

Haley rode the school bus with all of the teens involved.
She says drugs and a small gang known as the P-ville Saints is what all three suspects had in common.

She says 17-year old Glazier was a new member of the gang.

"He was a football player and usually people look up to football players," says Haley.

Haley says Dane on the other hand, was a drop out, recently involved in a dating relationship with Sidnee.

She's horrified at the tragedy that has struck her school.

"Even if you didn't like Sidnee, no one deserves to die like that," she says.

Police believe Sidnee was murdered on July 17th or 18th.
She wasn't found until the 25th when a body was reported floating in Beaucoup Creek.
She was identified by her lip ring and necklace.

Sheriff Kellerman says the brutality of the murder is shocking, to even himself.

"It was so hard core. We have 17 and 18 year olds kids running around town that are so damn hard core that they're going to shoot a 15 year old girl and strangle her? That's hard core," says Kellerman.

Dane is the only one who is eligible for the death penalty.

The minor is being held in a juvenile detention.
No bond has been set for any of the three suspects.

A vehicle belonging to one of Dane's family members was impounded.
Kellerman says it was used during the crime.