It's been more than five months since human remains were found on the property surrounding the Lowery residence. Since then, a team at the forensic service unit at the University of North Texas has worked to match the remains to a name. Today, with confirmation from investigators in Comanche County, we now are sure the remains are that of Amber Lowery.

Lowery disappeared on July 23, 2013, and a day later was reported missing after failing to show up to meet her brother. Then, Amber's husband, Michael Lowery, told police he'd last seen his wife the night before, and hadn't heard from her since. On July 27,2013, investigators got a lead in the case when Amber's missing vehicle was discovered abandoned in Rising Star.

Days later on July 31, during an execution of search warrants, the human remains, we now know to be that of Amber, were found. Michael Lowery was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. Today, he remains at the Comanche County jail on a $1 million bond.

The details surrounding Amber's case did not come as a surprise to her siblings. They were aware of her husband's abusive past, and they all say Amber shared with them concern that he might turn on her in the future. Today's news proves what both Amber and her siblings all feared.

Amber's eldest brother posted this message today on a Facebook page created last year during the search for her remains. In the post, he writes:"It is with a heavy heart that as her eldest brother I come before the community and family and friends that have waited since July of 2013 to hear or not hear the words I put before you now...She is missed every single day and we will patiently wait for justice to be served as a result of tacts that took her from her family and friends and