A man killed in horrific circumstances when he fell into a woodchipper has been identified.

Family and friends have paid tribute to Bruce Saunders, 54, after he became trapped in the machine while feeding branches into it in rural Queensland on Sunday night.

Described as a 'decent fella with a heart of gold' by friends, police said Mr Saunders died 'instantly' when he fell through the woodchipper.

Two of his friends were believed to up the road when the incident occurred and fought to rescue him.
But nothing could be done to save him.

Police have reportedly said he died instantly.

One friend said on Facebook: 'He was our mate and will be sadly missed.'

A relative wrote online: 'It's a hell of a way to go out... such a terrible way to go.'

At a press conference this week, Acting Inspector Paul Algie said the witnesses were 'extremely distressed over what's occurred'.

'They're very traumatised as a result of what's happened and police are assisting them obviously in any way we can in terms of ongoing welfare needs.'
None of the men were contracted to do the job, but were helping the owner clear the property in Goomboorian, north-west of the Sunshine Coast.