Sara, "Princess, a woman of high rank;" a name aptly given whose frame was not hidden from her Creator when made in the secret place and when woven together in the depths of the earth (Psalms 139:15). An authentic treasure with infinite worth, whose origin comes only from the perfected hands of her Maker.
A true light that shined before men and unequivocally reflected the glory of her Father (Matthew 5:16). A light that brought hope to the hopeless and a light that illuminated a warmth by the simple gesture of her extraordinary smile.
Kindness and truth she adorned as a necklace (Proverbs 3:3). A beautiful heart where empathy, generosity, compassion, and selflessness comfortably resided. Much like her Savior, she possessed a heart that longed to affirm God's love and promises to the lost and brokenhearted; while effortlessly refreshing the heart of the believer through her undoubtable gift to encourage. She, our precious Sara, was relentless in pursuing the heart of her Father, a characteristic unique to only His greatest of warriors.
She opens her mouth with wisdom (Proverbs 31:26). Sara possessed a great wisdom that far succeeded her natural age and she beautifully displayed it with such grace and humility. Her wisdom did not come from man, but from her Heavenly Father as a result of the sweet and intimate relationship they shared.
A friend who loved her friends as her own soul (I Samuel 18:1). The consummate friend who took great pleasure in loving her friends well. She delighted in finding ways to value those remarkable friendships God brought into her life. And it was not unlikely for her to validate that love, through the miraculous power of her homemade desserts.
A sister worthy of praise that ushers a heart of thankfulness (Philippians 1:3). Nothing in life could ever separate the love Sara has for her siblings as she loved them with the same unconditional love she accepted from her Father. Her love cemented her commitment to always forgive, support, and care for her siblings with such dignity and honor.
Sara, the pride of her beloved Mother and Father (Proverbs 17:6). What joy her life brought to Ron and Karen in the short time they were given to love and cherish their precious daughter. Sara brought much laughter, affection, and beauty into their lives. Like iron sharpens iron, their sweet Sara helped sharpened them as a mother, father, and friend. And now, God has called their baby home and although their hearts are grieving, they do not grieve as if they have no hope because they know they will once again see their precious baby girl.