The crime scene where a mother and daughter were found shot dead in their Virginia home earlier this year may have been staged to look like a murder-suicide instead of a double murder.

Police initially suspected that Helen Hargan, 23, had shot her 63-year-old mother Pamela Hargan and then turned the gun on herself in their idyllic suburban home in McLean on July 14.

But a newly unsealed search warrant, which was obtained by WUSA 9, stated that the investigation had revealed the crime scene may have been 'altered and staged'.

Authorities were alerted to their deaths when the boyfriend of one of Helen's sisters called 911 from Dallas, Texas saying they had been shot.

He told the dispatcher his girlfriend had called him and said her sister had killed their mother.

Police found Pamela's body in the laundry room, while her youngest of three daughters was found dead in an upstairs bedroom.

The recently unsealed warrant revealed evidence from before the women were found dead.

There were multiple attempted 'fraudulent' wire transfers made from Pamela's accounts, including one the day before and one a day after her death.

The warrant stated that the transfers 'were attempted by Megan Hargan who is another daughter of Pamela Hargan.'

Megan has a seven-year-old daughter and was living at the home at the time.

Neighbors say the child no longer lives at the home.
A police radio call from the night of the killings stated that Megan was on her way to her mother's home from Maryland.

Police have not named a suspect in the case but said it is still a 'very active' investigation.