A DEVASTATED dad whose depressed son hanged himself has blamed his 15 energy drinks-a-day addiction.

Scaffolder Justin Bartholomew, 25, downed the 35p caffeine-packed beverages, including Red Bull, as his marriage failed.

Dad Keiron, 64, said they made his son's heart race, left him sick, anxious and constantly tired.

At his worst, Justin arrived at work clutching a carrier bag full of cans bought from a local supermarket.

The 25-year-old always had a can within reach, drinking them throughout the day.

Keiron, who worked with his son, said: "He was depressed and they pushed him over the edge. He started having a Red Bull in the morning but moved to cheaper brands.

"You could see his personality change and the depression in his eyes.

"It was heartbreaking to see my son become addicted to these dangerous drinks."

Keiron, of Newhaven, East Sussex, said he wants to see the drinks banned, or at least come with a health warning.

"We tried to ween him off them but he said, 'Dad, I can't stop. I need them'," Keiron said.

His family are calling for energy drinks, including Red Bull, to be banned or come with health warnings
Justin's brother Daniel, 30, said so many empty cans were crammed into the doors, foot well and seats of his van t hat it looked like a recycling bin.

"If you think someone is drinking excessive amounts of energy drink, seek help," he added.

A single can of energy drink contains around 160mg of caffeine — more than a double espresso.

They can also contain up to 55g - or 14 teaspoons - of sugar.