Funeral arrangements have been made for a Moulton woman found dead on Sunday.

The funeral for Jennifer Marshell White will be held on Thursday, May 10 at 4 p.m. at Parkway Funeral Home in Trinity. Visitation will be two hours before the service.

White was 55 when she went missing on April 8. Her body was found in her Chevy Tahoe in Moulton on Sunday.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of White's death.

Jennifer White's daughter addressed the issue of her mother's death in a Facebook post on Wednesday night.

"Yes, the investigation is still ongoing, but I had most of my questions answered and I have peace with the answers I got. No, my mother was not bipolar. No, my mother had no mental disorders at all. But yes, apparently she was suffering from depression. I knew she had her bad days but I had no idea it was this extreme. Yes, she was making future plans that day, which was why it was so hard to accept she did anything intentionally to herself. But I guess everyone doesn't fit the "typical" pattern. Let's face it, my mother was definitely one of a kind so of course she didn't follow the "rules". It appears she absolutely left on her on that day. It appears she was alone. She had cash in her wallet but she planned not to go far so I guess 10.00 in gas was all she thought she needed. She probably just randomly picked a road. She truly believed she would be found much sooner. She never meant to put us through the torture for a month. How do I know this? She left me (and many others) a letter in her car. The words in that letter were very personal from her to me so no I will not share that. I will tell you that the letter was written by my mother.