Primary Cause of Death

Pulmonary theomboemboli due to deep venous thrombi associated with immobility due to blunt force trauma of the left foot

On Tuesday, June 12, Eric was struck by a car on Hwy 59 South while on his way to work.. Unfortunately, the driver fled the scene and has still yet to be found.. Eric did what he felt he needed to do, not yet knowing the severity of his foot injury, and rode his motorcycle, with broken foot controls on the left side, and a shattered foot, to the VA hospital in Houston..

After xrays and cat scans were taken, it was revealed that there were 5 shattered bones in his left foot, and extensive internal tissue damage.. The first surgery took place on Wednesday, June 13, where an external fixater was attatched by 3 rods through the heel bone, and 2 rods through the remaining intact bone in the ball of the foot-this was done to keep the muscles from constricting and shortening the foot.. Second surgery has already been put off and rescheduled twice, due to the severe swelling of the foot that is not reducing yet..

Eric proudly served in the Army for 6 years before being Honorably discharged in '98.. He also suffers from PTSD, which was ultimately diagnosed in 2015 after he attempted suicide..

Sadly, due to this accident, he is currently unable to work, with strict orders to keep his foot elevated as much as possible. At this time, there is no clear indication of how long he'll be unable to work, all depends on how the healing process and future second surgery goes..

His motorcycle is his only source of transportation, therefore, he's having to depend on others and Uber for rides to drs appointments and to the store.. He's still waiting on short term dissability to be approved, but unfortunately, that doesn't keep expenses from continuing to pour in.. Aside from his bike, clothes, and cell phone, he's had to put things up for sale to try and eleviate the stress of no income for this undetermined amount of time..

I've talked to Eric and he's setting personal pride aside to ask for help.. Any funds being donated, will go directly to him to try and relieve some pressure off of him, so he can try and focus on healing and getting back to work.. Funds will be used for food, rent, phone bill, and any other expenses caused by this accident, which was sadly caused by a distracted driver, who didn't even stop to see if he was okay..