This morning around 11 am, in the cemetery of Manduria, the coffin of Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo, the 44-year-old Manduriana who died in Rome where she worked for a serious illness, will arrive. Waiting for it there will be relatives and many friends with whom he has maintained close relations despite his burdensome professional commitments. Pizzaleo was responsible for the Digital Agenda and Internet Governance of the Lazio Region for which he managed the information systems and the technological innovation network. Among his numerous prestigious positions, moreover, that of researcher of the CNR for a project on technical-scientific assistance always on the subject of Internet Governance and, again, for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, that of expert in public communication. Pizzaleo was Scientific Advisor for the State Secretary for Reforms and Innovations in Public Administration Beatrice Magnolfi in the XV legislature on behalf of the Ministry of Public Administration and technological innovation; contract professor at the "Sapienza" University - Valle Giulia Faculty of Architecture.