Yoji Harada, the tattoo artist, known for starring in the TLC television series "Miami Ink" died on March 26, 2019. A cause of death was not disclosed.

The death of Harada comes one day after Lyle Tuttle, the iconic tattoo artist died at 87 years old.

Born in Tokyo, Japan on Aug. 6, 1972, in 1998 the tattoo artist moved to Chicago in the '90s. While there he met Bonnie Minkus who would become his wife.

Moving to New York City to become a musician, Harada joined "Big Deal" which performed punk rock music. Later, he would start his tattoo career moving to Miami to be taught by Ami James.

The apprenticed for five years. While working under James at Love-Hate Tattoos, he started to appear in the reality show "Miami Ink." The show became a hit and made Harada famous and a household name in the United States. His popularity traveled back to Japan.

Harada also worked for Kat Von D's tattoo show L.A. Ink after she moved it to the West Coast.